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Trailer for rent in Cap-Des-Rosiers

The Motel du Haut Phare is pleased to announce that you may now rent a camping trailer in Cap-Des-Rosiers, available either for 3 nights, 5 nights or by the week. Choose among our six models and take advantage, with your family or friends, of our magnificent site facing the sea.


Of a unique and new kind, it is the only camping in Cap-Des-Rosiers, while being and integral part of the Motel site. Located on the forest’s border, it offers the quietude of the woods while also exhibiting the impregnable view on the sea: the magnificent and giant cliffs of Forillon majestically enthroned in the background, the same ones as where the continents had separated. You will awaken to the chant of the waxwing cedars or sometimes by the mocking birds.

On the other side, as you turn to glance, you will notice the towering lighthouse of Cap-Des-Rosiers (the highest lighthouse in Canada).

It is important to underline that it is not a classic campground. The rental trailers are entirely our property. We wager on tranquility, quality and comfort, and neither a trailer nor a tent, coming from outside, will be admitted. In order to create and to optimize on a pleasant atmosphere in the heart of nature, six sites only, measuring fifteen meters by sixty one meters (approximately 50 feet x 200 feet) have been developed on this wonderful lot, situated in Cap-Des-Rosiers. For this purpose, we have established a curfew set at 22 hours. Those who wish to continue to enjoy their fireplace, after the curfew, must do so with respect for the others.

All our rental trailers have been meticulously chosen. They generally have one or more deluxe beds and their orientation was especially designed, in order that the windows of the “meal corner” have a view on the sea and on Forillon Park. Each space is provided with its own facilities; electricity, hot water, and sewer. Our trailers are fully equipped; dishes, pots, saucepans, microwave, CD player, cable television, internet access, etc.

 Outside, you have at your disposal, a picnic table, lawn chairs, a Broil King BBQ, a fireplace and an armful of wood to start with.

An access to a lovely pebble beach is installed right in front of the motel; there is also a wharf nearby to allow the launching of a small craft.



 2018 RATES 

Maximum 4 persons in the Mallard, Pioneer, Prowler 24' & the Sprngdale.Maximum 6 persons in the Palomino & the Prowler 29'(MAX 2 adults 4 chidren)

No smoking allowed in the trailers

 From July 7th to August 24th

A 30% deposit is asked for prior to the reservation 

Trailers 3 Nights 5 Nights 7 Nights
PIONEER 24 ' 429 $  580 $  728 $
MALLARD 24 '  429 $  580 $  728 $ 
PROWLER 24 ' 429 $  580 $  728 $
SPRINGDALE 29 '  469 $  660 $  798 $
PALOMINO 29 '  469 $   660 $  798 $
PROWLER 29 '   469 $   660 $ 798 $


 juin 15 to july 6

august 25 to september 30th 


Trailers  3 Nights  5 Nights 7 Nights
PIONEER 24 '  359 $  520 $ 668 $
MALLARD 24 '  359 $  520 $ 668 $ 
PROWLER 24 '  359 $  520 $ 668 $ 
SPINGDALE 29 '  399 $  560 $ 698 $
PALOMINO 29 '  399 $   560 $ 698 $ 
PROWLER 29 '   399 $   560 $ 698 $ 

Come and visit our wonderfull campsite

All our mattresses are new and they are superior-quality

Sprindale 291RK feet delux (29 feet)

Mallard 240BH (25.5 feet)

Palamino T271 (29 feet)

Pionneer 24T6 (24 feet)

Prowler 829T (29 feet)

Prowler 250RKS (25 feet)

Win a package including 2 nights for 2, in a room with a kitchenette. A random draw will be made for every 500 clicks on LIKE. It is also possible to combine your prize with your reservation. Share on Facebook at the bottom of the page and click on “like” on the Motel’s page to participate.

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